Why do fishies lie?

Do you ever feel like things are too good? Like your life is going a little too well? That is how I felt. I felt like I had found an amazing guy. After Derek sent me his "real" photo, a day later he admitted to me that that guy wasn't him either, that his friend send it instead of him. I just didn't know how to react. Personally, thinking back on it now, he probably didn't have enough pictures of this guy to even continue it. I was really hurt until he dropped a huge bomb on me that really changed the way I looked at everything. To this day I cannot tell if this part of his story is true or if it was just a tactic to get me to stay. What do you think?

This part of the story might get a little sad and I know I will sound like a terrible person for not believing him fully but later on you will understand. He had told me that when he was younger his mother died in a car accident. I was so upset for him, I wanted to hug him and tell him it will be alright. When I read that text message I felt sick because someone I cared about was hurting. He told me that when he was little he and his mom were driving home and he was distracting her from the back seat and they got in the crash, he made it but she unfortunately did not.

Normally you wouldnt question a thing like that right? I didn't at first, my protective instincts kicked in and I instantly wanted to make him feel better. But the thing is, over the years,  his story started to change. One night we got in a little argument and he randomly started saying he was sorry for the way he acted, he was just upset about his mom again. I felt awful and tried to comfort him, but he slipped up and instead of talking about the car crash, he was talking about going and seeing her every day for months in the hospital and watching her suffer at home. I was confused but I kept talking to him, and thats where he messed up. That night he told me she died of cancer. I never confronted him about this because it is such a sensitive subject you know?

So, what i'm asking you is, what do you think about that? Do you think he is lying? Am I a terrible person because I am suspicious about that? I've felt really bad about this for a long time, I just wanted to get someone else's opinion and finally get it out there instead of keeping it inside.

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Comments (4)

  1. dincali

    sounds like a liar and a coward! been there, done that…never ever again!

    April 25, 2015
    1. stronggirl

      I can’t stand people who lie like that, its childish you know?

      May 20, 2015
      1. dincali

        yes. and i do know..sigh

        May 20, 2015
  2. aliceinneverland

    his Mother is probably alive and well and living in Philly

    June 20, 2015