Lose a Model, Lose a Friend

And so it continued...we had exchanged pictures and fell more and more in love every day. He was AMAZINGLY gorgeous! Strong, muscular arms, tan skin, blonde shaggy hair... he took my breath away, which should have been my first red flag.

We were texting alright for a month or so until my friend Jessie found out about him. I was going to keep him a secret until he was able to facetime me. The only reason she found out was because she looked over my shoulder one day during lunch, and thank god she did. After receiving many questions from her, I finally had to give her some answers. I lied and told her that my cousin hooked us up and that he lived down in Florida where my cousin was in boot camp.

Now just so you know, my cousin is actually down in Florida doing some training, that part wasnt a lie, and at that point, I though Derek did live in Florida...so technically it was budging the truth a little bit. She was very excited for me, wanted to hear all about him, wanted me to tell him she said say...and she wanted to see a picture of him. I thought "why not? He is attractive and sweet, what could go wrong?" and I showed her all the pictures he sent me.

The rest of that day went alright, we were texting all through lunch...and fifth...and sixth period, nothing seemed wrong. It was only till that night that everything changed on me. Around 10 I got a text from Jessie with a picture of my Derek. How could she have gotten this? Did she take my phone and send it to herself? What is going on? The only thing she sent with it was a link to tumblr. WOW! I thought, I couldn't believe it...this guys name wasn't Derek...It was Jacob. Then it set in, this isnt him at all...he stole this guys pictures.

When I confronted him about it, it was all very confusing, I guess thats what catfishes do. They confuse you and make you feel bad in order to get away with it. I am not going to lie to you guys, I was PISSED!!!!!! He told me that he wanted to make me feel better about myself and that he was sorry. He said that he wasnt the one to send me the pictures, it was his friends idea, they expected me to be this insanely hot blonde apparently, i'm not sure...boy logic I guess. Anyways, I felt bad and thought that maybe he lied because he didnt feel comfortable about what he looked like, maybe he had self esteem issues too.

I loved him for him, he made me smile, he made me laugh, he made me forget about life some times. I didnt care about what he looked like, I just wanted him. He told me once again how sorry he was and sent another "real" picture of himself...brace yourselves, this is only the second fake picture of him, we have plenty more to come....

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