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So, as of right now I guess we are technically together but he knows that the trust is gone. He has lied to be FOUR times about what he looks like (I still don't know) and he even lied to be about going off to college. For a few months I actually believed that he went to college and moved out when in reality he was like lying to me and manipulating me. I feel like a use rag doll. I often ask myself why I was so stupid to trust him, to let a stranger like that in my life. I should have just walked away when he first lied. It's ridiculous when you fall in love with someone, then go on facebook or instagram and find that person with a different name. 

I was lucky that he wasn't very smart. One day I went on my Instagram and looked up my contacts to find my friend Paige and this random girl showed up in my friends list. The username was the same one that I got from snapchat. Again I was looking for a friend and "his" name came up. 

When I asked him about who this GIRL was that kept showing up, he said he got the  phone was his cousin Kourtney and it was her snapchat and instagram. It doesn't work like that right?? 

Now I'm not too proud of this but something felt wrong, so, I looked through the instagram and found all the old "Derek" faces. They all were following her on Instagram!! And if that's not concrete enough, I sent him this cute text months before and there was a picture of "her" doing the same thing to her boyfriend. She sent him the message and took a pi ture to put on Instagram. I can't believe I could be so stupid and naive. 

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