Background of the "fishy"

Hello, my name is Abby and I am currently being Catfished. I know this sounds crazy but even though I know he isnt who he says he is, there is something captivating that I just can't let go. We met online a little over two years ago and he seemed AMAZING! We quickly bonded and I fell head over heals for him. He was smart, funny, caring and sweet...everything a girl would want and a catfish to be.

We met through a mutual friend on the site and her name was Nikki. Nikki and I knew eachother for a few months before she confided in me that she couldn't decide between two guys, Gavin or Derek. Gavin and Nikki had been to together for a while but lets face it, he was a jerk to her and me. When she started describing Derek as an amazing guy, I quickly told her that he is who she should be with. One thing led to another and she decided to stay with Gavin and broke his heart...this is how he drew me in.

I went to Derek to try to cheer him up and we fell in love I guess you would say, we became official on Valentines Day. We were having so much fun chatting online, we once even stayed up till 3 in the morning laughing all night. For a high school Sophmore that was a pretty big deal to me, I could have gotten in trouble! D:

Everything was going fine until he asked for my number, being the smart girl I am I told him I wasnt comfortable with that since we met online. He was sweet and told me that it was okay, we could wait until I was comfortable and he never brought it up again. From what I knew back then, bad guys online would insist and push for it, I figured since he didn't, that meant  he was good.

I decided to wait a few weeks just to make sure before giving my number out. Days and weeks past without him even hinting at it so I figured "hey why not!" and gave him my number...that was the worst mistake of my life. Even now I regret giving it to him, I should have been smarter. As soon as we started texting we exchanged pictures. I swallowed what was left of my self esteem and took a risk and sent him what I looked like.

I will be honest with you, I am not the skinniest girl. I'm definitely not the type of girl guys would give a second look at. I was so vulnerable at the time, this was a HUGE deal to me. To my surpise, after I sent him my picture he called me beautiful and  then sent me around 5 pictures of "him"...This was the start of the most complicated and frusterating 2 years of my life. The start of a confusing, heartbreaking time for me, and the start of all his lies.

I am writting all this down to share my experience with you and hopefully help atleast one person who may be going through something like this. I want to share my story so it's not locked up inside me. I will continue this blog as often as I can for you guys, if anyone is interested. Mostly though, I am doing this for myself. It is hard going through this alone and writing has always helped me. Stay tuned? :)

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